Sorry for the lack of personal posts…

I spent today doing school work.

Yesterday I found out that my Nana had a heart attack. But she’s actually ok; we’ve rang/rung(?!) the hospital that she’s staying at and the nurses have said that she’s sitting up, smiling, not in pain and asking for food <3 It’s really sad that I can’t go and see her, but my Mum is going on a train to London within a couple of days to visit her!!

Tomorrow I’m going to make a post on atherosclerosis and how it can lead to myocardial infarction (heart attack). It will be sure to make you want to limit your intake of sat fats and loser low density lipid cholesterols!! I’ma such a geek :)) <3

I discovered the most amazing blog:  This wonderful woman has thought up and made some incredible recipes!! I’m planning on making this, this and this first!! And I’ve already made this <— pictures up tomorrow…so good :P

Going to go running tomorrow and I want to do some work on my abs and arms :)) But right now I’m going to bed!! Hope you’re all happy and healthy <3